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Before not very long, wzd1a shoots me an offer of a free shifter if I'm willing and able to make it to his place up the highway a bit. I figure I'll give it a shot and hit the road. I'm *very* gentle shifting gears and spend quite a bit of time in 2nd enroute to I-25. Once on the Interstate I realize I needed to stop for fuel, so of course I tempt fate by exiting and shifting. It all goes swimmingly though, and soon enough the free shifter awaits just over the next hill (literally). I stop to check my directions and the bike goes completely dead. Completely. Nothing. WTF?

And then I notice that weather's rolling-in. Brilliant.

I call my wife and tell her to come get me. She suggests I call my very-actually-nearby shifter source and relate my predicament. I tell her there's no way I'm going to inflict myself upon him like this. He's expecting a guy to ride up and leave with a shift lever, not a guy almost getting there but needing a ride and some troubleshooting and who knows what else and then a gifted shift lever. I give-in and call. Zack drives over the hill to get me. Lightning strikes just up the hill and we load the bike (with the help of a passer-by) into his truck in a driving rain. *sigh*

Zack gets me sorted (the battery chose that time and place to "let go" so I bought a new one) and the shifter installed and off I go into the Colorado night. Passing motel after motel, the decision is made to stop at the next one. Some miles later, and by now way up into the mountains on I-70, I pull off to check the phone for options. The chin-bar of my Nolan helmet comes off in my hand. I manage to get it to close again and eventually find a place to end today's excitement, just across the street from a McDonalds..

The road to Hell is paved...
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