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Headshake--Something Else To Consider

Originally Posted by tattewell View Post
Clearly we don't all know it, I have never experienced headshake on my 690... interesting though.
I say we remove it from the list of known issues, assuming that some here have put it on that list. I have had no headshake, however I balance my tires which seemingly would only rule out thumping/vibration at various speeds but not headshake.

The only motorcycle I ever had headshake on was a 1964 Triumph Bonneville and it only occurred once, when riding down a long hill on the slab trying to see how fast it would go downhill!. On the flat it was good for about 114 mph. No headshake occurred under power it was only when I suddenly chopped the throttle back when approaching cars at about 120 mph. It was a real tankslapper and momentarily put me in touch with my mortality.

Absent setting up the suspension incorrectly as to sag, compression, rebound and/or loading up the bike like an RV I don't see it as an inherent flaw with the 690.
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