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Originally Posted by TomServo View Post
Here's my Scrambler project bike when I first got her a few months ago:

Not in too bad shape but the tank was beat up and had not clear coat left on it. Plus the PO had sealed the tank and let the stuff run over the outside so the tank needed to be stripped and re-painted.

Also she was missing side covers, air filters, and a petcock. The laundry list of things I've done are as follows (If I remember everything I'll be surprised)

Stripped and repainted tank and newly acquired side covers.
stripped and painted tach and speedo housings
replaced stock handlebars for new MSR dirt bike bars
replaced switch gear with modern bits
replaced throttle and brake cables
new brake shoes front and rear
new battery
new headlight bucket and 35watt H4 bulb (that's about all she can handle electric-wise)
painted wheels using rustoleum appliance paint (epoxy)
painted turn signal stalks black
chopped and painted front fender
new shinko 241 tires
rebuilt forks and cleaned up rear shocks
installed uni filters
new motion-pro brake and clutch perches and levers
Install new electronic flasher relay (old one was dead)
new points installed (tried electronic ignition but destroyed the rotor)
bar-end mirrors off

Here's what she looks like right now:

A few things are left to button her up. I need to replace the oil seal for the tach cable and also the countershaft seal. also need to clean up the carbs as the slides seem a little sticky at times.
Looks brilliant. Love the wheels. How are those tires on pavement?
Not many CL360's around. Lots of CB360's, and a few CL350's. It's a keeper.To be honest though, I thought the CL360 had a disc on the front. I know the CJ360 was a drum, and the CB360 was a disc( had one ). It looks just fine on it.
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