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Originally Posted by maddiedog View Post
The Buddys are carberated, and they have a "redline" mark on the speedometer at 55mph. You don't want to cruise faster than 55, or you WILL blow up your engine. They're buzzy, only get 75mpg, and have teeny little wheels that make even the smallest grooves in the road or tiny potholes harrowing.
Hmm, I've never heard that you WILL blow up your engine if you cruise faster than 55 on a Buddy 125cc. Mine has done been on many, many trips where I cruised between 60 & 65 for hours on end. I'm the original owner of a 2006 - first year of the 125cc and its got approx 9,000 miles on it. With me on it I was getting 85mpg and my son who when he started riding it to school as a daily commuter would get 90-95 mpg in heavy city traffic. Take a look at for what people are getting since it ranges as high as 136mpg and as low as 70mpg with the largest number in the upper 80mpg. If your wife is getting in the mid 70mpg perhaps it is her riding style vs yours that accounts for the different mileage.

If you are considering the Buddy you may want to go lurk or post over on and don't forget to read the ride reports for the Buddys in the scooter cannonball this year if you want to see how they hold up crusing at WOT for 3,000 miles (give or take.)
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