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I use an old baking sheet with the corner cut off, dump the junk in, dig out what you need and pour the rest bake in the container.

One from my dad; to form small bins, cut the end of the big rectangular juice jugs (or the really old toner cans).
About 1.5 inches back, cut it again on three sides,cut off and discard one of the sides.leave the fourth side attached and with tabs on the side. fold the fourth side up 45 to form the front and use the other two tab sides to secure it in place with whatever you have, wire, rivets, string, hotglue.

make them in multiples and you can tape them all together, stuff small things in there and they stay organized on a shelf.

He also used a lot of jars, nail the lid to the bottom of a shelf and you can see whats in it, easily unscrew it and it goes back where it came from every time.
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