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See my sig about man being a rational animal. I'm always interested in why veterans in any sport, like Earnhardt Sr., resist common-sense safety advances.

Drivers didn't want HANS etc., hockey players don't want visors, baseball players resisted batting helmets as did cricket players, and pro football players don't like the goofy-looking safer helmets. I'm sure there are many other examples.

It wouldn't surprise me if someday baseball pitchers wear helmets, hockey players have face cages like those in college and NFL helmets are radically redesigned.

Actually, my idea for a football helmet is based on race car wrecks. Cars disperse a lot of their energy in a wreck when their parts fly off. That spray of material helps lessen the energy of the impact on the driver. I'm thinking football helmets should somehow do the same thing in a concussion-inducing impact: parts should fly off, reducing the amount of energy that is ultimately going to propel the brain into the side of the player's cranium.

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