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Originally Posted by Ridge View Post
I think, ideally, the best mounting position would be helmet-mounted hanging at eye level... that way the POV is exactly what the rider sees... or doesn't. At least it's out of harm's way from malicious branches and stable on the helmet.
On my motorcycle rides,, I have mounted it to both the side of helmet, and to the top of my visor. I prefer the latter, as having it on one side my it slightly heavy to that side. On top of my visor, I have it in such a position that it will still clear any branches I would duck long as I see them.

Originally Posted by RxZ View Post
The videos I have enjoyed the most were filmed with multiple cameras. Watching someone ride a trail for 30 minutes, I'm not going to do it. Have different camera angles, and edit it down to the better shots that do a good job of conveying the overall feel of the trail,

Now, that said, I can totally see the advantages of filming the ride so you can see the areas you need to work on. Better lines, more/less speed for various conditions, etc. And by allowing others to view and comment you can get ideas and suggestions you wouldn't think of on your own.

If you are filming for training purposes, then whatever mounting point gives a good view of what you, the bike, and the trail are doing should work fine.

The purpose is different for each type of filming, so you have to take that into consideration.
The filming would be just to get the "good parts" on film, just for the fun of it and to have it. I also get very bored when people put up lengthy mine are typically under five minutes..or so:

That is from a dual sport ride here in NJ, that is probably the most fun one in southern NJ.

For MTB'ing, again, it would just be for fun, not any kind of training.

Originally Posted by McDuff View Post
Good call getting back into mtb. Do you live in the sandy or rocky part of Jerz? Have any good trails nearby?

I live right in top end of the pine barrens...pretty sandy...but fun for the motorcycle riding. I have checked out two parks so far, and had to drive about 1/2 hr to get real dirt and trails. Bicycle is not gonna cut in the sand right near my house.
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