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I wound up calling them yesterday afternoon and was told that my part was out for delivery that day. The lack of tracking notification threw me off as well, so I guess I judged a little harshly and a little early. Interestingly enough, did yours come with the red and white wires or the blue and green wires? The first post I read about replacing this thing was from a couple years ago and the general point was "came with blue and green wires, but you have to reverse them for it to work." Then, a couple people from more recently said "came with red and white wires. Put the red to green and white to blue." The company's website was even updated to show that it comes with the red and white wires and how to wire them in. However, mine came with green and blue wires. Before I solder it together, seal everything back up, and put the oil back in the bike, I want to know if they wound up making new replacement parts that are correctly wired. Just curious.

mine came with the blue and green, and a little note saying to reverse them. fired right up, fuck yeah. knocked out the screws with a little 12 volt impact driver, worked perfect. you may be able to get a dremel tool with a cutoff wheel inside the case and cut a slot in the head of the screw, rather than trying to drill it out. solder inside the case or out,either way pretty easy, did mine inside,just because. ________________
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