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Honda C70/passport with a lifan 125cc engine strapped on, inputs?

Hello! I joined because this thread saved me about a million hours of work. I posted in there a thanks, and will be back with timeline/etc blah blah blah. So I tooled around a bit, and thought this was a cool place to learn about bike-stuff. I've wanted a motorcycle for a while, but I also wanted a c70 REALLY bad, so....

I found this: CL link that'll go down pretty quick, and then pictures the seller took
A Honda C70 with a 125cc dirtbike engine slapped on in. Yay! I think it's this engine or very similar, this one is 1 down 3 up, but neutral disappears when you're moving. Hey, I'm new to bikes that shift. :) (Don't worry, I'm going to just wear the crap outta the helmet)

It has a few little issues, head lights not working right, blinkers don't blink, but I'm 90% sure he slapped a 12v battery into a 6v system. (I won't be driving it till plates come, so I probably won't pop any lightbulbs, unless the headlight is already popped.

What I'm wondering.... what do I need to know about this sort of engine? It's a 4 stroke at least, which is a relief, but how often on average would you change the oil on a dirtbike engine? Is there any other maintenance I should do every X miles I need to know, or anything like that?

And I know this'll need to be plated as a cycle in my state either way, but it'll probably get plated as a 70cc because thats original and I'm not going to deal with all the other stuff. Right now, a little bit of it/air filter hangs out the side, but if I make/get a cap for it, is it reasonable that a cop might actually know hey, this is clearly not 70ccs?

Also, as I haven't ridden it much.... the speedometer APPEARS to work normally, and seems to make sense, but would that read correctly with a different, non-stock engine? Stock wheels and stuff, I think that's where the measurement occurs.

I haven't had a bike in a while, so I know my noob is showing. (and I've only ever owned a moped anyhow :P)

EDIT: I found this thread, and a lot of good info! However, one thing that's shitting me. This engine probably needs 12v. At least. All the other lifans I look at that are similar need 12v. And uh. My lights all need 6v. Any input on the conversion? How much hell am I in for? they work, they just don't blink, heh, and the headlight doesn't want to turn on. Pretty sure that's the voltage being too much. So uh. Turnin' a c70 to 12v. Any ideas?

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