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Originally Posted by RiverRatRider13 View Post
I am in the same boat. Since I have moved out west I have been riding a lot of single track. And I do like it. But I have always loved watching trials and it looks like an awesome sport to get into that you will never ever really master. You can be good at riding single track but to get better means to go faster and you just exponentially increase your chance of serious injury. I do know that as you get better at trials you will try bigger stuff and therefore more dangerous as well but I feel its a bit different.

When ever I want to get into a new bike and or hobby I always do tons of research. So tonight I looked at and test rode my first ever trials bike. a 2001 Scorpa SY250. From everything I have read these are great beginner to intermediate bikes with a fairly bullet proof yamaha powerplant. All things I am looking for. I debating weather or not to pull the trigger.. price is obviously a factor. But I agree with High Country Herb in expanding my motorcycle experience! I have a street bike(2000 speed triple) and a single track machine(96 Yamaha WR250) so why not a trials bike!?
i had a '01 sy 250---great bike!! i rode it several hours per week for about 5 years before selling it & it was bulletproof. i weighd about 215 back then when doing some competitions and couldn't break it.
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