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Broken down

So my bike is broken. My new friends in Moctuzuma have helped me locate a mechanic. He is young, inexperienced and loaded up to the eyeballs with work. He says he will come ‘mañana’ which almost turns into never. Using the collected knowledge of ADV I have diagnosed the problem, and with the encouragement of the forum, pulled apart the water tank and found that my pinion gears are sheared. Together we diagnosis the parts to be ordered, and offers of assistance flow in to help. Bisbioian aka Adam offers to pick up the parts from Tucson as his is heading to Mexico in a few days. The amazing Tom, aka Turkeycreek, offers to drive over and pick me up in his trailer and take me back to his beautiful hotel in the town where Bisbioan was heading. Marcin is on the phone constantly supporting me and others I have met along my route chime in with advice on what to order and how to check for the symptoms. My Mexican friends are astounded, as am I at the support network of people that rally to get me back on the road.
The next day Tom, Aka TurkeyCreek arrives with his covered motorcycle trailer, and takes me back to the quaint town of Banamichi in northern Sonora. We wind up to the town through the beautiful lush winding roads of the Sierra… wildflowers intermixed with cactus. I longed to be riding these roads.

My delivery van! by hewby2, on Flickr

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At the hotel los Arcos I am treated to spotless rooms and tranquil luxury. The internet that actually worked (most of the time). I delighted in Skype with enough bandwidth for video since entering Mexico. Lush greenery surrounded the courtyard, and the water features to seemed somehow to cut the heat of the day. It was amazing what Lyn and Tom have done- building up the hotel from a run down house. Everything is tastefully thought out to the last detail, and done well. Perfectly matched colors. Murals, and greenery bringing the place together into a beautiful sanctuary. And still they work hard to expand the small ten-bed hotel, Tom putting together plans for another beautiful straw bale building across the street.

Hotel mural by hewby2, on Flickr

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We put the bike in the huge back shed awaiting its repair, and away from prying eyes. My hosts Lyn and Tom delighted me with stories of ride tales and misadventures. He talks of his business running motorcycle tours through the beautiful Sonora, and also through the USA and Colorado. Both him and Lyn have a wealth of knowledge on the area and they assist bikers plan their adventures to take in the beauty, and history of the area. Working hard to create the perfect self guided tour, or a guided one depending on the persons taste.

Their friends would wander in delightfully, and share further stories, and show of new second hand purchases; A bicycle with wire panniers, a golf cart that we had a tour of the town on. Their enthusiasm was enjoyable. This town too was building up for the Independence Day Fiesta. Tom put up flags above the hotel. Marching bands practiced for the event. Plans were made to go to Hermosillo to buy for fireworks for the celebrations. A simply lovely place to await the delivery of the parts, and getting my bike back on the road again.

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