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Originally Posted by thunderkat59 View Post
Get a small frame 125 and take the plate with you when you park it ?
Velcro ?

Here, it strongly suggested 50cc bikes attach a hi-vis flag to the back, so the 125 people put the flag on instead of the tag.

I'd get one. Unles you are doing something egregiously wrong, or your state does constant dui-liquor cycler checks, you wont incur the attention of anyone, really.
FYI, not all states have DUI cycles and some require a full motorcycle license, plating and insurance for any size scooter or motorcycle.

In both Texas and Colorado you go over 35 on a 50cc and they will ask you for your motorcycle license. In Colorado you can ride a 50 on a car license but you can't legally go 50mph on one.

In Texas you need either a moped license (M2) for a 50cc which has a statutory restriction to 30mph (rev limiter installed, removing it disqualifies the scooter for a moped plate, ride without a plate and you will get pulled over) or a full motorcycle license whic covers everything and removes the speed restriction on a 50cc. Go faster and you can be pulled over even if on a real 50cc that is on the list of "approved" mopeds because that means the rev limiter has been removed. Show your motorcycle license, registration and insurance you go on your merry way assuming you weren't actually speeding. Failure to show any of them and its ticket time. We had two people in my MSF class who were riding without a valid motorcycle license. One had his bike impounded (he was also speeding) and it was up to the judge whether he got it back or not after completing all the requirements the judge imposed on him starting with an MSF and community service.
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