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What's a sand capable front tire? I had new TKCs mounted front and back. Sand was a very small component of this ride, basically about 1 km stretch. Rest was mostly hard pack gravel and then steep, loose rocky climbs and descents. And what's your recommended method for getting through this? My wife took the advice of a fellow inmate and sat way back on her seat, 2nd gear, steady throttle and made it easily on her DR200 running IRC GP1s.

I was on the pegs, steering with the pegs, in 2nd gear but felt like the front got caught in a rut and wouldn't climb out and that's when the front washed.

So, how do you guys who are better at this do it?
Speed is the best way through deep sand. You have to stay on top of it. I live in NJ and used to ride in the pine barrens, which are mostly like beach sand. I found that going as fast as possible was the only way to stay on top. As soon as you slow down, you sink and that's when the squirrely stuff starts.
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