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Unless the 2 of you are over 400lb or at altitude or something, you don't even really need the 790 kit for 2up touring. Just open the intake/exhaust and tune the carb. If you get it right, it'll do over 90MPH on stock gears, and it'll get there quicker than most factory-stock cages. Not running lean jetting also makes the bike feel a little cooler.

We ride the DR 2up a LOT (dirt, street, AND slab), and our only real issue is that the seat isn't very long. This means that we can't move around much. We're also crowded by a tankbag, tank panniers, a steep IMS tank, and a rear topbox. The rider and passenger pegs are lowered, touring pegs are bolted to the skid, and the seat is a Seat Concepts kit on the stock pan. I also have stiffer springs front and rear. The lowered rider pegs allow my knees to tuck nicely behind the tank panniers. The topbox is moved back 3-4" from where it would normally be.

We're 5'8"/200lb/30"inseam and 5'4"/petite/30"inseam. If you're much bigger than us, I'd suggest a more spacious bike like a DL. The lowered/touring pegs, seat, and springs are highly recommended for much 2up on a DR.
790: awful nice to have that power when you need it.
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