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Originally Posted by bross View Post
What's a sand capable front tire? I had new TKCs mounted front and back. Sand was a very small component of this ride, basically about 1 km stretch. Rest was mostly hard pack gravel and then steep, loose rocky climbs and descents.
A more open knobby pattern up front typically does better for my use. I run an AMS Sand Snake knobby for trails around here. Others use something like a more street-friendly MT21. Some people prefer a wide tire for float, but the steering wanders with a wide front on my bike. I prefer a narrow front tire that acts like a pizza cutter. It doesn't float at lower speeds, but it doesn't need to. It seems to hold a line better, instead of washing out or getting easily deflected.

I use a grooved K761 in the rear. It has enough drive to propel the bike.

And what's your recommended method for getting through this? My wife took the advice of a fellow inmate and sat way back on her seat, 2nd gear, steady throttle and made it easily on her DR200 running IRC GP1s.

I was on the pegs, steering with the pegs, in 2nd gear but felt like the front got caught in a rut and wouldn't climb out and that's when the front washed.

So, how do you guys who are better at this do it?
Air down the tires a bit. With the front in a rut, lean back and roll on the gas to unweight the front a bit. Get forward up by the tank and kick your inside leg forward with your toes up when you want to turn. With a light bike, your weight position has more influence.

Some people also recommend a steering stabilizer for sand, saying that it makes it easier to steer by weighting the pegs. The gas is still your friend.
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