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Well I'm ready to buy a skid plate, but I can't freaking make a decision. This is extremely aggravating.

Has anyone actually caused engine damage with the plates that mount to the large mount on the front of the motor? Has there been damage reported with the Hepco Becker plate?

I will be bottoming out. I will be taking it places it probably shouldn't go. It's going to get used and abused.

It's between three.

I'd bite the bullet and get a Rumbux right now... but whether they are being imported into the USA anymore is now in question. It seems the initial rush is over and now the importer can't muster enough interest to get a shipment together. That's the impression I get at least. I need the crash bars too, so with that in mind, the price of the whole rumbux setup is actually very fair.

Jaxons plate is absolutely fricken nice. Without a doubt the beefiest, most hardcore skid plate available. But you've got to pay to play, and this plate is double the cost of my third in line.

Which leads us to the Hepco plate. The price is fair. The coverage looks good. But they took the cheap/easy way out on the front mount... bastards... and now I would run the risk of tearing a gaping hole in my motor when I go to actually use the plate.

If I don't/can't go Rumbux, I foresee going with the SW Motech crash bars.

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