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3:27, 63mi, 4400' of climbing aka the Rappahannock Rough Ride

Buddy of mine and I started late and made our way thru the stragglers to the first rest stop. Everyone was at the first rest stop. They were all standing around shooting the breeze, I knew that if I stopped, I'd get all kinds of stiff so B and I had a cookie and kept going.

Ran into a buddy of ours, G, who we conned into working with us. Now we were 3 bucking a head and/or side wind most of the ride. That extra person really made a difference fighting the headwind lemme tell ya!

Up down up down up down (repeat for the next 40 miles) I swear if the roads we were on weren't pointed up, we were going downhill till the next uphill. Now add a nifty headwind and you have recipe for very tired legs by the end of the ride.

We picked up a 4th along the way into Flint Hill. Adding a 4th guy to work in was even mo bettah than having just the 3 of us.

By the time we got to the last rest stop, I needed a bottle refilled, and all of us needed a bite to eat. Quick stop and off we went. Evidently we were the 2nd group on the road on the big loop. Never did see the people in front of us, so I suspect they got down the road from the gun.

Coupla takeaways:
  • Headwinds suck but having someone to share em with make em bearable
  • Hills suck (see above)
  • Having people with you makes lots of things better
  • If you're in a group, don't attack the hills. My buddy is notorious for getting to the bottom of a hill and hammering up it regardless of what the group's doing now or has been doing the whole ride. I'll admit I'm probably the weakest link on a hill. ...but I can tow em around at a high rate of speed on the flat, so it makes sense to not kill guys like me off.
  • If you're going to accelerate, do it smoothly so the guys behind you don't have to dig real deep to get on your wheel. (my buddy again)
  • Beers after a ride taste VERY good
I'm beat. My thighs are tired all the way to the top of my inner quad muscle. 'Course, today IS the 4th big-ish day in a row.

Hope your weekend rides went well too

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