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Originally Posted by skysailor View Post
I'd like to get into long range silhouette shooting. I'm on a wee bit of a budget. What's a good starting point? I was looking at a Sako that comes with a Burris 3-12 power scope. The rig is about 1100$ out of the box. Synthetic stock, stainless barrel. Thoughts? Can I get something cheaper? Calibre?
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Back when I looked into it (and learned that there really was NO long range silhouette in New England ), 20 years ago, the 7-08 was the cartridge to use, mostly because there wasn't much that beat the 7mm, 168 gr Sierra MK bullet. These days I will venture that it still works but with all the development that has gone into 6mm and 6.5s I'd look pretty hard at one of them. Anytime that you can get equal or better ballistics (particularly reduced wind drift since you will learn the drop for each range and it is repeatable) with reduced recoil (less bullet weight) you are ahead. No point in giving anything up (by shooting a less efficient round) before you even get on the firing line. I know that there are some great .22 bullets out there now, not sure that they will drop 500m rams reliably. You will need to check the rules before choosing your rifle, Sako is a great gun but Tikka is right along side and generally less $$$. My (now old) 700VS Remington (.308) has shot 3 1/2" groups @ 600yds in 'out of the box' trim. I might well check out a Savage first, they seem to shoot (at least mine does) and will leave you more money for a scope. Don't downplay the importance of having a great scope (not necessarily the most powerful), quality glass that doesn't cause eye strain is important when you are going to be spending some time looking through it.

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