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Originally Posted by DirtyADV View Post
Gotten over the fever at least (a while back but busy times, friends getting married and taking care of a moose after the hunt and stuff).

Have started doing some drawings on the computer but nothing that is possible to present at the moment.

Want to play some with a cardboard mockup but right now the oil leak I have is highest priority want to decide what to do about it (bike is in pieces right now ready to see if the cylinder head nuts are torqued properly, had to look at my dads car while bike was cooling down and by the time that was done it was to late, had to get home.

Will share my plans and stuff later on, might need help with suitable kind of aluminum and material thickness later on.

See you have Prague as location, great city!

Hi Johan,

I saw the pix. of your bike. That is pitty. I understand, this is priority now.
Btw. I was talking with a friend and It would be possible to do the tank instead of the frame. Question is how much gas on top you get. It wont be more than 1-2 liters max. I will wait for your drawings.

good luck with the repair!


p.s. thx. Prague is nice :-)
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