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Had my Altrider out for the first time yesterday (what a ride!!!) Had some good bottom hits
and never pulled over to check the sump like I would have with the Yamaha plate.

We were in a fair amount of mud so I thought that was why my sidestand was so hard to put
down later in the day. Turns out the rear mount on the Altrider crushes outward when hit.
The mount then rubbed on the sidestand. I had to kick it to get it down.

If you look close you can see the paint stress on either side of the slot.

A little crow bar attitude adjustment and the sidestand was happy again.

The good news is you can get the factory oil filter off with out moving the bash plate.
The bad news is it creates a quite an oil spill to get it out. That and the drain plug
access holes are tight 12mm swivel socket is is best in front and then the oil
drains into the pan. I made quite the mess between the filter and draining.

My talented assistant was playing a drum solo on my sports car with the screwdrivers.
I took this photo as forensic evidence she is alive and fine. She can get away with murder,
I cannot.

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