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Alaska Bound

Hi. I stated earlier that I rode a SaddleSore 1,000 with two broken ribs. Stuff happens. I babied myself for the six weeks the Doc told me it would take to heal. Six weeks go by. I purchase a 2011 BMW R1200RT. I ride it over to one of my nearest neighbors - 4.5 miles - (I live off grid). I park the bike in an area with clump grass. I visit and upon trying to tip toe turn it around, yep - dropped the bike and I landed on those two same ribs. I didn't need a Doctor to tell me they were re-broken. The ride home was not a barrel of laughs. Eleven days later is where this report starts: Last year, I tried to ride to Alaska after compleating the Four Corner's Tour sponsored by SCMC. I headed across Canada from Madawaska, Maine. For hundreds of miles I saw fields and roads under water. Canada was just about washed away from incredible amounts of rain. I "forded" many streams where the Government had bull- dozed breaks in the Highways trying to get the water level down by creating man made rivers. I was lucky in that most of the breaks in the roadway were marked by a traffic cone - and sometimes two. Ultimately, I reached Dawson Creek. The temperature was in the thirties. It was raining one minute and snowing the next. Timber trucks coming out of the forests brought copious amounts of dirt with them onto the Highway. A layer of 2 to 3 inches deep of muddy slush was my roadway. I was on a Honda Goldwing Trike. Three wheeling was bad. I can not imagine what it would have been like on two. The trucks threw mud 20 to 30 feet into the air as they passed. I would duck below windshield level as a truck roared by. The windshield was solid mud. My visor was a smeared mess. My eyeglasses were useless. I pulled off the road at a wide spot. I was exhausted, I was freezing with electric gloves and vest on "High". It was getting dark. I was scared spitless. In a slight break, I motored into Dawson Creek and stopped at the first Motel I came to.
I registered while standing on the porch - they didn't want me dumping mud in the office. At the room, I walked into the shower helmet on - wearing ATGATT. (All the gear, all the Time) Even after dry clean clothes and a hot meal, I was still shaking. I hurt. I could not go on. I hated everything about motorcycle touring. I was defeated. Captain Morgan tried to raise my morale. He finally gave up. Instead he started calling me every vile name in the book . . . went on at some length . . . how ya' gonna face that Old Geezer in the Mirror if a little bad weather does ya' in? . . . He finally convinced me that I needed to attack in a different direction. Anyone remember the Korean Police action? Our guys weren't defeated - they turned and attacked in a different direction. Turned out to be good advice.

This is what I was riding as I rode south to better weather the next day. No more blue ink!

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