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Gymkhana is a weird beast.

Its not flashy enough, like stunting, to attract crowds. And for people to be interested in watching it from outside, riders have to be at the top level, otherwise, with all honesty, its pretty boring to watch regular riders going round the cones at what looks to be a pretty relaxed pace. Its a THRILL while you are IN it, but to the outside its sort of .... "meh".

And then there is the fear of dropping the bike.

I've had a couple of guys on sports bikes come to me one time. Nothing flashy, one had a ninja and I don't remember what was the other machine. I told them all about the sport. Shows my own "best" riding I could managed, and asked them if they were interested. They weren't super enthusiastic. To them it looked like safety exercises from MSF with additional possibility of dropping and scratching their shiny bikes.

I had a guy on a Harley ask me questions. Seemed interested, but then he said that he wouldn't want to drop his new machine, while practicing. I said that he didn't have to push it to the point of actually crashing, that its quite possible to have tons of fun at any level. But I could see in his yes, once the though of scratching his chrome has entered his brain, he was taken aback.

I had another, very enthusiastic guy join me on a ride, a few months back. A potential riding buddy and another Gymkhana enthusiast. Everything seemed fine, and we actually started planning next session, then communication stopped. I hope he is ok and just busy with work.

So yeah, its been a bit of a lonely journey so far. I keep meeting people along the way, but nobody was interested enough, or stayed long enough to grow into this sport.

I'm optimistic and enthusiastic though. I feel that the interest is there, just needs maybe a bit more time, or a better source of attraction. I'm not a good salesperson, nor a good showman. My skills in Gymkhana are on the basic level, so I can't really dazzle anybody with sticky lean angles, and dime turns. Not yet at least.
The sport has proven itself in Japan, for 30 years, and even there its a pretty niche sport.

I do need to get a couple of more friends with "correct" priorities though.
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