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Originally Posted by Vulfy View Post
My skills in Gymkhana are on the basic level,
do not kid yourself my friend. I have seen your videos.

Originally Posted by Vulfy View Post
I'm not a good salesperson, nor a good showman.
What you need to do is become a carnival barker.......... stay with me...........

-get about 30 tennis balls cut in half - mainly because they are cheap and VERY non-threating to the novice (which is everyone)
-lay them out in a 24-foot circle - with a keyhole entry (about 3 feet wide)
-tell moto-passerbys it is the 1st step to gymkhana, and relatively easy
-reassure them how "easy" it is
-if they say there is no way they can turn around inside the circle, coax them into, tell them it is no big deal if they run over a ball
-if they say, "Sure I can do that BUT I have to ____________" (fill in the blank with 100 excuses I have heard) then tell them I BET YOU $20 you can't make that turn the first time, then collect the $20 that goes to buying more cones and a better timer.

If you have enough moto-folk stopping, you should have all your gear in no time

Keep in mind, MOST PEOPLE will not find any appeal to this activity, only because their PEERS are not doing it - so why should they risk embarrassing themselves for something that has no intrinsic reward (prolly NOT gonna get you laid)

Most people that stop, while curious, will not cross the barrier - perceived risk/reward ratio is too great

I have learned a great deal in the last year at our events, mainly about human nature, ego, and more importantly mow many EXTREMELY POOR RIDERS there are out there riding around on 800lb bikes, sometimes with a passenger.

Do what I tell you, do it in a high-traffic area, and take a big sack for your money to collect it all in. I want my cut too
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