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Today I had the second maiden voyage. This time she's a keeper! A few months ago after a grand total of maybe 5 hours of riding the bike started clattering and it got progressively worse til I decided I had to see what was up.

So the motor came back out and I could see the flywheel and front crank gear wobbling. Bent crank!
It was most likely bent before I started but being a noob I couldnt tell. Running it made it worse. Anyway, I found a guy with a big lathe who new what he was doing, and he beat it back straight (thanks ScooterBob!). I finally got it all back together and buttoned it up today (took two Saturdays). Runs great, sounds great, and I had so much fun I ran it out of gas and had to push it home!

Must have been some psychic connection transmitted through that sent me. I stayed up till 5 this morning getting everything buttoned up, slept for 5 hours, then went riding the rest of the day.
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