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I'd do something like this for my next bike.

3600 lumens. Not sure what my 35 W HID 8" is but 3600 is a lot.

I'd just reshape my windscreen and run one of these. Lighter, very power efficient, small package, more durable, etc. At 42 W it confuses me which LED's their running. To the best of my knowledge the "best" commercial ones are 10W, but where do the other 2 watts come into play? 10W LED's are BRIGHT! Hell, 5W are stupid bright, even 3's are bright.

The dimmer switch is another 50$, but it doesn't change the fact the light still scatters. Likely to still piss off cars. I wish those floods had little projector lenses instead. Then have those run all the time, and two spots as the highbeams.
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