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HolyCannoli, sorry for your bad experience with this purchase.
Not exactly sure how things stand with this guy, he was last seen on August 30th on the romanian motorcycle forum where he has a pannier topic also:
I'll try contacting someone living in his area, maybe we can get to te bottom of this!

Started a topic regarding this here:
In translation:
"There are some people on the foreign discussion boards, mainly, who are complaining of user's "lauramarginea"'s business.
It seems there are orders not fullfiled, money not refunded and no more response from him. Last online here was August 30th.
Who is friends with him/knows him personally/lives in Baia Mare and can pay him a visit to see what's happening?"

Immediately received a reply from the guy stating that he has more clients that he can handle and that he is not the least bit worryed about not being able to fulfill all the orders. I'd say get in touch with the American embassy in Bucharest and file a formal complaint. Being that we are so USA dependent, Romanian authorities may look into it.

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