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Originally Posted by rivercreep View Post
This could make a very entertaining thread all on its own.

F.W.I.W. I've seen Subarus climb steep slippery snow/ice covered roads where even old jeeps with Quadratrack (which locks all 4 wheels together in rotation) couldn't, with comparable tires.

I also had a 72 Dodge Coronet Wagon with posi and studded snows that wouldn't get stuck ANYWHERE in the winter. (with no added weight in the rear)
I honestly think it has more to do with the driver than the vehicle.

Sorry O.P.! Back to your topic.

The subject is skewed and not accurate.

Was the Suburban 1/2 ton? Or 3/4 ton? Rear locker? Or open diff?

These debates can go on all day but what it really boils down to is; is vehicle A equipped with lockers or limited slips?

And is vehicle B equipped THE SAME.

Every Toyota 4wd I've seen or heard about comes factory (pre-TRD or 80 series) with open diffs (NO locker or ltd slip).

It is certainly no comparison to one that does come equipped.

But a Toyota (79-95 Mini, Fj40-55-60/2-70-80) is the best over-engineered, compact 4wd I've ever seen.

/ off topic.
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