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Originally Posted by rivercreep View Post
old jeeps with Quadratrack (which locks all 4 wheels together in rotation)

Sorry, but you're the one that's gotten suckered in by this. Quadra trac is ONLY in the transfer case. Nothing to do with the diffs that come after it. A transfer case has NO authority to magically change the carriers located inside each differential from open to magically a spool by shifting a lever or turning a dial. It can't nor will ever happen. A drive shaft alone can not do that.

"Quadratrack", again, is a MARKETING TERM that gives one the idea it means "all four" but it DOES NOT.

And another thing, "which locks all 4 wheels together in rotation"...

Well, duh. Don't look now, but that happens on my (non-Quadratrac equipped) 4WD when I pull the short shifter FROM 2-high to 4-high. It "locks" all four wheels together in rotation.

But my momentum can be stopped if I can spin one on the front and one on the back due to my open f/r diffs.

But then why does my truck say it's "4WD"???

Lockers, posi's or spools located inside the differentials are THE ONLY way one can illegitimately be 4-wheel-drive.
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