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Originally Posted by Mav View Post
Of course, a D7000 is something like half the price
Originally Posted by infoatnmmoto View Post
I have a D90 and felt like you when I saw the D7000.
I ended up waiting and got a D800.
The decision was partially made because I wanted to upgrade some lenses as well.
From what I've heard about the D600 looks to be an excellent choice as well.
The file sizes of the D800 has me shooting it more like a film camera than digital
until I work out a good storage solution.
I am enjoying it for sure though.
3TB and USB 3.0 for 140 bucks:

If it's CF cards you need I recommend going with Transcend, and youprobably should get a UDMA 7 because my normal UDMA (the 700x) gets bogged down with RAW+JPEG on burst.

For 50 you can get a 16GB UDMA 7 one:

And since there are dual cards I'd get a 32GB SD as a backup:

That card's read speed is about the same as the CF's but the write speed is half as fast so you will notice a little lag but if you are shooting just RAW without bursts it shouldn't be too bad.

It's 31 dollars.....the 16GB is 23 so it's worth the jump, plus with 48 GB of memory you're going to have ~600-800 shots.
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