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Originally Posted by NikonsAndVStroms View Post
Nope, look at the price tag....

2,100 for a camera with tiny AF coverage, worse high ISO performance (from the samples I've seen), the resolution in many ways is a wash as for 95% of photographic uses 24 is more than enough....hell I've been living with 12 since 2012, but the extra bit from the D800 would be nice. And NO PC SYNC PORT!?!?!? The Olympus E-30 I almost got over the D700 had one and that was a ~1,000 dollar camera.

Now if it was 1,500 (like the rumors said) sure that's a huge gap....but 900 dollars is a lot closer and in the UK it's only 200 GBP.
Is it really tiny AF coverage?

And when you say worse ISO performance, compared to what?

And, just to illustrate my total n00bness, what the heck is PC Sync port and why is everyone so bloody upset about it not being there??

All the gear.. no idea!
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