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Originally Posted by Mav View Post
I don't do any studio work so I don't need that. As for everyone else moaning about it, should people be looking at an entry level camera for studio work, even if it is FX?

And yep, those UK prices are bonkers - I'd be picking one up stateside.

As for the AF coverage - that image makes it look worse than poor! Although probably still better coverage than my D90..
Studio work doesn't need fancy AF, and this camera supposedly has a sensor better than the D3x's which was Nikon's studio/landscape pro camera, so yes this would make a very nice one based purely on the sensor. Think of it this way, if it had the PC sync port you'd be getting almost everything you needed from the D3x for 5,000 dollars less

Nope, you're D90 while having fewer points has much better coverage. I actually use that AF a lot since it's the same as my Fuji S5 Pro (which is a D200 with a Fuji sensor).

What are your intended uses for this camera? And what lenses do you currently have? I'm asking to see if you really need FX, or if the D7000 is a better option.

With the D7000 it has basically the same AF but it covers much more of the frame:

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