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When I bought my '87 KLR650 three years ago, the first farkle I bought for it was a set of HWD hand guards with the fold out mirrors. I have to say that it was the best money I have spent on my bike to date. Those guards are indestructible and have saved my day many times over. I've had some pretty good crashes that would have mangled lesser guards and bent the bars into a pretzel but I only had to clean the dirt off and ride away. The product is definitely worth the money but the customer service is unsurpassed. When I ordered my set, Paul was just getting started and so the web site was still being fine tuned. I had no idea that the stock handlebars on a KLR were steel and that you need aluminum bars to work with hand guards because the ends need to be tapped. I was really perplexed when I couldn't get the tap to work on my bar ends. I called Paul right away and he knew immediately that I needed aluminum bars. He basically shipped me what looked to me to be a brand new 7/8 aluminum bars with the ends already tapped and he wouldn't take a dime to cover the shipping or the bars. I installed the bars and was really happy. Fast forward about 18 months and I called him up looking for a different top clamp so I could incorporate a set of Roxy anti-vibe risers into my set up. He had the top clamp I needed listed on the web site but I couldn't order it (Website snafu) so I called him again. He told me that that particular top clamp was part of a special order he had done for someone and no longer made it. He then said, "I think I have one laying around." He put it in a box and shipped it to me free of charge again. He wouldn't take a dime from me. Now I hope he has wised up a little so he can stay in business but I will tell anyone who'll listen that this is a super product and a super vendor worthy of your hard earned money. If you ride your bike everywhere and you need it to get you home after riding the trails, don't skimp on your handlebar protection. Get a set of these and forget about it. Paul did say I was the first KLR rider to have these and that is a real point of pride for me. If I ever sell my KLR, the handguards come off and stay with me. They're that awesome.

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