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I meant side-to-side movement of the rider. You appear to stay exactly centered on the seat at all times. Your the bike leans and you lean with it instead of trying to stay straight up, but you're not pushing your chest into the turn if that makes sense.

It's tons more work to scoot over for every turn, but you can turn tighter, which means traveling less distance around the cone, which is faster (as long as you can do it smooth). I'm by no means an expert, this is just my opinion.

I meant minimum radius turns. With the handlebars turned all the way to the stop, if you paddle around, what's the size of the circle your back tire makes? Your front tire will travel a larger circle(if you could turn your front 90*, your back tire wouldn't move, it would just pivot)

Imagine the lines of a parking lot.

If you set a cone on the ends of the middle line here, you can use the lines on either side to set up your turn. I can get my C50 around between the lines, so the DRZ should have zero problems. The drill would be to use the outside lines as "out of bounds" marks and try to keep it inside while making your turn tighter and tighter.
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