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Originally Posted by Fire Escape View Post

My most recent two happened to both be Streamlights.
I have had the ProTac HL for a few months now. Aluminum, uses 2 123 batteries, has high, strobe and low modes, high is 600 Lumens. I didn't think that the extra Lumens would be a dramatic change over my other 100 +/- Lumen lights but ..... the brightness is amazing (at least to me), when there is no visability nothing helps but this cut a swath across a smoky basement that was impressive. Battery life has to suffer to get that power but the originals are still going strong after a couple of months of what is for me 'normal use'. The strobe doesn't have much use for me (except to play), but I think that it would induce vomitting!
The PolyTac 90 is new this week, also uses a pair of 123s and has the same 'modes' but only a 'normal' 100 lumen output (I think) on high. It came packaged with the retractor on a BoTach 'special' for $49. My plan for it is to be clipped to my turnout coat, the pocket clip should keep it pointed more or less in front of me and when I unclip that for special use, I should still be able to keep it because of the retractor. Time will tell how that all works out.

I don't get it, the picture was wider that I wanted so I went back and cropped it, copied the code but I keep getting the original when I paste it here. I will try and get it right first time, next time because 'fixing' it sure isn't working for me.

Nice lights.
Try clearing your browser cache then checking the pic - probably not updated...
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