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no! the dirt collected in the oil filter is from the unpure and un-burnt hydrocarbons from the gasoline we all use, and some guys that insist on using high perfomance air filters also allow more dirt to get sucked in to their engines,,, thats the secret of those air filters, they have a much bigger micron opening that allows more air (and more dirt) to pass thru,,,,, its the same as just not using any air filter at all!

I said too much already,,,,,, not to insult anybody, i don't mean to insult anybody,,, but I know sooooo much more than most people know about this subject and I know i should have not posted what i did,,,,,, but I just can't help myself,, i mean in a way I don't care how other people take care of their bikes and scooters, i don't really care if their engine fails or not, I only buy new bikes, scooters and atv's cause I never trust how the last owner took care of his bike,,,,,,
Listen to me.

Contact your county mental-health office. They have people who will understand...

They do want payment, based on a sliding scale. You can maybe make it by selling your computer. If you really are hard-up you can borrow against your TMAX.

It's been real. See you...somewhere...maybe...those canvas blazers with the really long sleeves, can be comfortable...when you get the attendants to loosen them. When you start to behave.
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