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Is that a gimmie?
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Here's a link to an animation of what I had done, the Direct Anterior Approach.

In the USA it can be hard to find a doc that does it this way and a hospital with the right equipment but it's worth investigating. Recovery time is usually just 6 weeks without a life time of movement restrictions, like not crossing your legs. The only thing I've been told to never do again is run.

A little less than six weeks later and I'm walking around like it never happened. In a couple of days I leave on a week long trip to Colorado. My brain has finally figured out there's no more pain when doing this or that. I feel like a kid again.

I have a ceramic ball and plastic cup, at least that's what my wife remembers the doc saying. I can't remember much about anything. Probably has something to do with the IV morphine pump and my thumb on the button.

2013 RT
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