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I may be on to what is causing interference in my Montana's circuitry and subsequent crashing.

On both my KLR and my Versys I have LED auxiliary lighting. Similar but different wattage units.

On the Versys I been getting consistent crashes at higher RPM when connected to the bikes power. When on internal power only ( yet still in the Rugged mount), I get less crashes.

This led me to beleive there is some sort of Radio (RF) interference causing the crash.

On the KLR the Unit is crashes at all RPM ranges. However I did notice that using my Sena SR10 bluetooth dongle I was getting a lot of static that I realized was caused by the LED auxiliary lights...turn them off the noise is gone...

So this got me thinking....could the LED lights on the Versys be the cause of the crashes. Every test I have run so far, those lights were on...never occurred to shut them off. The LEDs are a little diffrent between the bikes so it may be the ones on the Versys are producing a different frequency the Montana doesn't like, Aslo using the SR10 on the Versys does not have the interference all could be coincidence but its worth pursuing.
I am rewiring a lot of things on the bike so I can't test my theory right away but I thought I would share my hypothesis.

I'm glad the problem seems to be with the bike rather than the Montana. I am confident I can track down the cause on the bike....I may swap rugged mounts to rule that out.
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