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Originally Posted by PhilB View Post
There were lots of people saying that they might consider it for $20-25K, but $30K+ was too much. If they could get that price down to that range, they would be a lot more competitive in the touring market. The more you make, the more units you can amortize the fixed costs and the setup costs over. So we'll see. I'm not saying it will ever be a bargain bike, but many of the premium brands have been working to reduce prices and provide value for money. Prices on BMWs and Ducatis and others haven't risen nearly as much as the Japanese bikes have, and the price differential for stepping up is smaller than ever.
Lower the price 10k and you kill resale of all bikes you sold before, piss off all who bought in early, and lose credibility to others who may consider buying. Buell did that when they did the closeout (wow, there were a few loyalists who were PISSED), but they didn't have to worry about future sales.

The other side of that coin would be the need for more MFG space, more bodies to build bikes, less able to ebb and flow with the market.

Maybe selling 10 times less bikes for $10k more each is better than the other way around.
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