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By the horned one's spiky tail, I'm german and even I perfectly understood what he was saying.
Although, trying to mimic his mishap, I looked quite stupid and nearly killed myself.

No need to be so rude to someone doing something really, really stupid - but at least realizing it.

Normally, he lifts himself with the help of the bars and jumps of the bike in one movement, swinging the right leg over everything.

Now, having only one hand free, he only pressed on one side of the handlebar, thus, the handlebar swung around (you know...just like when you steer at low speed) and fixed his left knee between handlebar and tank.

So, he was not hit.
His bike did not tip...not necessarily, at least.
He simply fell of the bike when trying to get of.
And the momentum dislocated his knee cap (it sheered it of), which is the same pain as he has had years before.

And in the fall he appears to have sheered of the mirror also.

It is unspeakably stupid and totally embarrasing.
Hence, why don't you laugh slightly less loud?

....and now, finishing this post, I go laughing a lot in some quiet corner :-D
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