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That sounds just terrible, Jerry. Friend of mine's dad has a Passport/Super-cub, (I think his is actually labeled supercub, but yeah, it sounds like they are all the same thing) that just has an up lever, and a down lever for shifting- up with your toes, down with your heel, on the left. I thought that was pretty cool, and it appears to be fully stock.

The lifan engine in mine is a 125, and the front fairing was modified slightly for what appears to be part of the engine/air filter/intake thing, which makes me worry rain'll pull it off or mess with it, but we'll see.
It's 1 down 3 up, and it seems like neutral would be pretty hard to deal with as you mentioned, but yeah, having a clutch, it didn't even occur to me, I can just drop it into one and and clutch it if I can't find N, and push it around. I'm assuming that'll work. Can't wait for my plates to come so I can start figuring out what I'm doing.

Oh boy, DR.ATV really doesn't like emails for tech help, apparently. What I want to know is how I can quickly identify if the previous owner slapped in 12v or left in the 6v lights. I know for sure I'll need a new relay, but if their turning on now, they should be the right lights, right? Or maybe their working and over volted, and are gonna pop or do what lightbulbs do when you give em too many volts. (Get really bright? Look, computers are my thing) But they are lighting up, besides the headlight: Just not blinking.

What I want to know:
For the 12v conversion for the electrical systems, I'm going to need a new blinker relay, (maybe) new lightbulbs for blinkers/headlights, and.... I think that's it, right? My understanding is that most of the wiring can stay put if the system is all 12v.

Additionally, anyone know what the heck that white cover dead center ahead of the seat is for? Mine's empty and just has a shaft. I imagine it has something to do with the front wheel area, but I'm curious why it has a little box in there, might be a good place to throw change/a few small tools.

Forgive my slew of incredibly stupid questions, the only 2 wheeler I've ever had before is a yamaha vino, many years back. I'm really excited to get on this bike! (And then eventually buy a goldwing, because those things are just amazing)

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