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Originally Posted by gatling View Post
Man, that is just awesome, HD. I had a Schwinn "Jaguar" when I was a kid (my Dad bought it for me) and it was awesome. It cost $75 back then, which was a small fortune in those days (somehow he scraped up the money). I put a Cadet speedo on my bike and that summer I put over 2,000 miles on it. I would have been about 10 years old then. I still dream about that bike.

I understand that back in those days, Schwinn brought in coiled steel ribbon and made everything in-house from it...sprockets, tubes, wheels, handlebars, you name it. It's one of the reasons their 10-speeds (the Varsity, etc.) weighed so much. Their Chicago factory was nearly completed vertically integrated. Then the mountain bike craze hit and Schwinn ignored it...they thought it was a fad. Like they said on their historical timeline, they kind of blew it on that call.

Your bike is exceptional, and I agree, keeping it in it's original, unrestored state makes it even more so.
Yeah buddy, $75 was a good lump back in the day, you must have been an exceptional young man.

I was a BMX guy but my older brother and sister both had varsity's and you are absolutely correct, they weighed a ton.

By no means in its original state, I stripped this cousin to your Jaguar down (was yours a 2 speed kick back?) a junked Typhoon I found for $40. Maybe if I found the right bike I would do a ground up resto but again, I kept the patina original and got the innards working like a top. This bike is super comfy to cruise the neighborhood on or walk the dog with.

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