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Originally Posted by YOUNZ View Post
I suppose one could do the same with a Honda Gold Wing or a Harley if they where an acrobat? World class!
Local Harley chapter, has events where we do a slow race. the techniques are similiar, but the fact that 99% of the riders do NOT outweigh a full dress harley davidson... However, means techniques work, but have to be modified a little since there is almost no way I can put 200lbs of my body weight on the right footpeg, to compensate for 900lbs of top heavy "HOG" headed to the ground on the left side...

But the practice does work, usually your sitting down, slipping your ass from side to side on the seat, trying to keep 900lbs as close to upright as possible so you can keep the behemoth, from overtaking your fractional of total bike and rider weight, and slamming you down to the earth. or putting your foot out to dab which means you lose.
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