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Originally Posted by MingRidesBikes View Post
Hey guys had some questions for ya about the wr426f. I recently purchased an 01 wr426f. looking to get the most power out of this bike. I had a 05 wr450f deristricted that was an absolute blast to ride. With that said I like my new to me 426 a lot. Smooth shifting, linear power band, but would like some more umph. it currently has a yz426 pipe on it. what mods will really bring it alive? I was thinking over the winter to do a yz450 exhaust cam, was contemplating getting a yz426 aftermarket pipe (i.e. fmf or a t-4) not sure how much more power that would be than the current yz pipe on the bike. Anything else to help bring this bike to life? And honestly will it ever have the power the 450 had? Thanks for your input guys.
Not really a power expert, but the cams will help. However, the supposed gain is in ease of starting, not really a power mod. Another mod you can do is switch the carb to a 450 carb. Again, it is supposed, the internals of the carb are better engineered since it's newer so that allows the bike to run better. I did it on my WR400 and it worked pretty well, but more power, who knows.

Honestly, though, only by dumping big $$ into it will you get any reasonable performance gains out it. Otherwise, it's only going to be modest gains, if at all.
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