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the after crash was better than expected.

a private car with husband and wife were behind us at the last militar stop, so they helped. a cop came up he has awesome.
an ambulance came but i wouldn't get in.
the cop took me about 20 miles or so to the emergency room in guerro negro. fortunately we were close enough to a town.
the hospital was not unlike a USA outfit except quicker. no questions asked, they stitched me up, took xrays and temp casted my hand. gave me drugs. the cop escorted colleen on her bike to a motel he also stayed in, and even carried all my luggage from the bike. the hospital billed us $186 and asked for cash. colleen gave them $100 to settle completely.
the bike was towed by the designated yard. on the way back north i looked at it and in my state of mind decided to leave it (for now or later or never?) a single vehicle accident with no other people involved is easier than others. the cop is now our good friend. the motel owner. the restaurant staff.
our son insisted on coming down with a trailer we got from an advrider. he didn't want his mother riding back north on her own. we thought we may put my bike on the trailer too, but didn't.
all in all it was like crashing in the usa in a remote area, no different. the people were awesome.
for future trips i'd say load up on insurance and just do what you would do like when going to alaska.
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