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Originally Posted by Chi-Ha View Post
at least it was a bike and it meant freedom!
You hit the nail on the head man.

Since I can remember and too this day, freedom has always been my deep rooted connection with bikes. As a youngster in the summertime, with the only prerequisite that we be home for dinner, I couldn't eat breakfast fast enough to get the hell out of the house and roll. See you guys at 5:30 when pops pulls up from work.

It instilled great navigation skills and a keen sense of surroundings (while still fun, traveling in the completely wrong direction for miles will do that to a 9 year old and his buddies, WTF did we just do ), ingenious roadside bike repair skills, a desire to explore, and most of all a heightened sense of camaraderie amongst my mates.

If my parents had any idea the travels we did at such a young age they would have shyte themselves.

My first cobbled together Schwinn with paper route money, post a bunch of less than desirable Huffy's and Murray's of which my folks could afford, circa 1974.

Once in a while you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right
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