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Originally Posted by GI_JO_NATHAN View Post
On another note, watching these video's, how the heck do these guys remember where to freaking turn. Some of the courses look really confusing.
All thanks to the wonderful Mr Minoru Adachi who thought that a sea of pylons all the same colour was terribly confusing so he came up with the system of pylon colours that tell you what to do and where to go next. Red = Leave to your right and turn right. Blue = Leave to your left and turn left. Yellow (usually in pairs) represents a gate so you pass between them. Yellow stripe on a red or blue - all the way round (rotation turn). Black/Yellow pylon or hurdle = out of bounds or limit of obstacle.

Just to make it easier, everybody is issued with a diagram of the course before the competition and they spend about 40 minutes walking and memorising the course. Once you get the hang of it it's really dead easy.
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