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Originally Posted by HardCase View Post
Great idea for a new thread! I like tacticool guns, have a few, but my true love is more 'old school' stuff.....perhaps because I'm an old guy!

Here is something I thought the readers of this thread might find interesting. I was in a shop in a different town on Sunday and had some time to kill while my girlfriend did some work-related stuff, so wandered about a sporting-good store and spotted one of these. My initial reaction was to laugh and shake my head.

Yes indeed, Mossberg is marketing a tacticool lever-action called the 464 SPX, 30-30 caliber, muzzle-break/flash-hider, collapsing "black" stock, lots of Picatinny rails for red-dots, lights, microwaves, porta-potties, etc!
My first thought on that was that it was silly, but it makes sense to a point. If you are in a restrictive environment- it allows you to have a handy, easy to use long arm with lights, lasers, etc for home defense. It stores shorter than a full size .30-.30 for a camper or truck gun or even moving around your house in the dark. I added a red dot to my .357 lever gun for pig hunting and camping. That would allow me to add a good light for "bump in the night" moments in the woods or an IR illuminator for piggy popping after dark (where legal of course).
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