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Originally Posted by darmst6829 View Post
The physics of such an exaggerated turning technique escapes me and frankly it looks unnecessary.....Dave
I have been riding 10 months and used to think the same thing. I could do a tight turn at full lock in the yard going very slow. .... Which proved a useless skill a my first trials event in pine needles and rocks.

You turn the front too much it will plow sideway in loose dirt = dab.
You hit a rock going slow with the front turned it will stop the bike, push the rock, or shoot you off line, either way = dab or worse.

I have a steep creek bank with a fence at the top in my yard. You have to do a complete U-turn on the hillside. The fence at the top keeps you honest. If I turn the front at all it plows in the loose dirt. It is impossible to do clean without "exaggerated turning technique".

Riding Vintage/begginer day - advance line in our club turnning is all that matters. There are never any log jumps.
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