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Originally Posted by VegasKLRider View Post
My first thought on that was that it was silly, but it makes sense to a point. If you are in a restrictive environment- it allows you to have a handy, easy to use long arm with lights, lasers, etc for home defense. It stores shorter than a full size .30-.30 for a camper or truck gun or even moving around your house in the dark. I added a red dot to my .357 lever gun for pig hunting and camping. That would allow me to add a good light for "bump in the night" moments in the woods or an IR illuminator for piggy popping after dark (where legal of course).
I don't have a problem with it, or with tacticool stuff generally. Hell, back in the '60s when the first civilian AR15s started being sold by Colt, most shooters, myself included, referred to it as a Mattel toy, ugly, plastic, thought of it as inaccurate and mostly a useless novelty. My tune has certainly changed over the intervening decades, and I think that can be said for a lot of us. I now find the AR family to be one of the premier shooting platforms on the planet.

That said, I did find the tacticool lever gun a bit curious. Maybe in a few years I'll want to buy one, however!!
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