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Originally Posted by DrKayak View Post
I have been riding 10 months and used to think the same thing. I could do a tight turn at full lock in the yard going very slow. .... Which proved a useless skill a my first trials event in pine needles and rocks.

You turn the front too much it will plow sideway in loose dirt = dab.
You hit a rock going slow with the front turned it will stop the bike, push the rock, or shoot you off line, either way = dab or worse.

I have a steep creek bank with a fence at the top in my yard. You have to do a complete U-turn on the hillside. The fence at the top keeps you honest. If I turn the front at all it plows in the loose dirt. It is impossible to do clean without "exaggerated turning technique".

Riding Vintage/begginer day - advance line in our club turnning is all that matters. There are never any log jumps.
I'm confused by this post.

The technique IS very much right, your implementation might be lacking? if you get your weight right, I can turn full lock and still turn. Yes there is more than one way to accomplish this, however "THE OTHER" is an advanced way, something that you learn in the next lesson usually.

What I see happen is people want to skip the "dribbling" practice, they think they are too good at it or that it is unnecessary.

I and 50,000 people over the past 100 years of trials, would tell those people they are dead wrong. Sure, you'll (not you necessarily DrKyak, but other who read this reply) can and will argue from the beginners class for several years, then about 12 years into trials will post "why didnt anyone tell me" or "I just discovered something".

Mark my words... BASICS BASICS BASICS, TURN, TURN, TURNS & BALANCE, then THROTTLE CONTROL, then MORE TURNING, MORE BALANCE, then another skill is mixed into the tests... Everything to do with trials starts and ends with BALANCE and the ABILITY to make a turn. Sometimes that turn is in MID AIR (master & Pros), some times is on flat ground (novice).

Do the work, Nadia Comăneci didnt do what she did in her sport years ago by NOT learning and mastering the basics...
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